Yamburgan Sparta K571(P) ­ Semen ­ Futurity Shorthorns

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Yamburgan Sparta K571(P)

We purchased Yamburgan Sparta for $36000 at last year’s Yamburgan Sale. We are very happy with the way he has gone through joining and believe he will make a positive impact on the Shorthorn breed due to his exceptional carcase characteristics and durable phenotype.

Sparta K571 has a perfect maturity pattern to service all markets, faultless structure and outstanding carcase shape. He has gone through two joining’s already and has held up to the task well, maintain body condition in below average sessional conditions.

Limited semen release 100 doses only.

Semen qualified for EU flushing and New Zealand price on request.

$100/straw (minimum 10 straws)

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