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2017 On Property Sale

Thursday 31st August, 1pm

55 Shorthorn Bulls

34 Charolais Bulls (view Temana Charolais)

30 EU Accredited Shorthorn Breeding Females

Welcome to our 2017 Annual on Property Sale. Thank you for taking the time to view our sale preview. It’s great time to be a Beef Producer with a very strong market underpinned by increasing global demand for quality beef.

I believe the Shorthorn Breed has never been more aligned with the consumer than today. With rapidly growing income in developing countries, the Australian meat processing sector is looking for product that delivers an eating quality experience for their customers. The growth and demand for Thousand Guineas Shorthorn Beef has shown the consumer markets enthusiasm for a great eating experience backed up by an iconic background story of the breed and the people that produce it.

About the Bulls

The bulls for this year’s sale are the most balanced line of bull we have had, they offer longevity, growth for age, carcase merit and high maternal profitability. The bulls also have great temperament which I am sure they will pass on to their progeny.

We encourage viewing of the cattle prior to the sale if possible. We believe this is an investment in your business. Seek to find the best combination of genetics, performance data and physical attributes to improve profitability in your herd. Your investment now will reap rewards in the future. We would like to assist in advising you on the purchase that will be most profitable for your operation so please ask if you would like any assistance.




Lot 1 Futurity Lad

LOT 1- Futurity Lad L237

A Top quality Honey Badger son to start the sale. Lad has loads of depth, thickness and performance whilst maintaining calving ease and carcase quality. This soft roan sire comes from one or the easiest keeping cows in the herd regardless of what the season throws at her.

Top 5% Export Maternal Index

Top 15% Domestic and Northern Maternal Indexes




 LOT 2 Futurity LadbrokeLOT 2 - Futurity Ladbroke L151

Ladbroke is a stand out for his calving ease data and ability to breed cattle that finish with ease. His dam is a very productive JJJF118 daughter who is breeding very well for us. This young sire will impress with his outstanding structure and smooth shoulder whist maintain plenty of thickness and depth.

Top 1% calving ease direct and fat

Top 5% All breed Indexes




LOT 3 Futurity LancelotLOT 3 - Futurity Lancelot L180

Lancelot is ranked 1st in the breed  for Export Maternal Index and 3rd in the Breed for Northern Maternal Index for bulls born in 2015

Lancelot is certainly one of the standout for the sale because of his outstanding performance data and his durable and profitable phenotype. We really admire this young sire for his thickness depth and softness whilest maintain loads of growth and excelling in calving ease traits. We believe this sold dark red sire will make a positive contribution to the shorthorn breed on many levels. Lancelot’s dam has breed very well for us and is now part of our donor programme

 Top 1% Export Maternal Index and Northern Maternal Index

Top 5% Domestic Maternal Index


LOT 4 Futurity Lustier

LOT 4 - Futurity Lustier L242

One of the best Chicago sons bred at Futurity. Lustier has heaps of growth, great meat quality attributes and exceptional calving ease data. This short coated, solid red sire is one of my pick for his phenotype alone and has the performance data to back it up.

Top 5% for All Breed Indexes



LOT 5 Futurity LondonLOT 5 - Futurity London L207

Superbly balanced young sire whichever way you look at him. London is one of the standouts in the draft for his growth, thickness, durable and eye appealing phenotype. Note the outstanding performance data on so many traits on this solid red young sire. Rarely do we see such growth and carcase performance combined with exceptional maternal and calving ease traits.

Top 1% Northern Maternal Index

Top 5% Export and Domestic Maternal Indexes, gestation length, days to calving and fat.



LOT 6 Futurity LawmanLOT 6 - Futurity Lawman L208

This bull turns your head every time you drive in the paddock. Lawman boasts tremendous growth and yield characteristics. If you are looking to increase the growth in your herd without sacrificing calving ease this bull is for you.

Top 5% for growth and retail beef yield

Top 15% All Breed Indexes




LOT 7 Futurity LocomotiveLOT 7 - Futurity Locomotive L186

Locomotive is ranked 2nd in the Breed for Northern Maternal Index

for bulls born in 2015

This soft silver roan sire is as long as a train and has heaps of growth and cover. We really admire this young sire for his overall balance and performance across all production traits. Note the outstanding maternal data on this young sire.

Top 1% Domestic and Northern Maternal Indexes, plus days to calving.

Top 5% Export Maternal Index


LOT 9 Futurity LokiLOT 9 - Futurity Loki L239

Loki has the maturity pattern that allows him to produce cattle for all markets, he looked great as a weaner and still looks the same. Loki is very long bodied super thick and free moving. This young sire is from one of the oldest cows in the herd that is producing well.

Above breed average for growth and below breed average for birth weight.

Top 25% Export maternal Index.




LOT 10 Futurity LinclonLOT 10 - Futurity Lincoln L223

Lincoln is very balanced whichever way you look at him, he has a thick easy finishing carcase and a very durable structure. This dark red, short coated sire excels across a host of production traits, high growth, low birth, carcase performance and maternal merit.

Top 5% Domestic and Export Maternal Indexes

Top 10% Northern Maternal Index



LOT 11 Futurity Lucky PhilLOT 11 - Futurity Lucky Phil L227

Very easy doing soft roan sire with heaps of eye appeal and performance. Lucky Phil has an even maturity pattern and great carcase shape.

Top 15% Northern Maternal Index

Top 25% Domestic Maternal Index




LOT 12 Futurity LennoLOT 12 - Futurity Lenno L210

Perfect structure on this guy whilst still being pack full of red meat. Lenno has a great combination of calving ease, growth and meat quality combined with a very even maturity pattern.

Top 5% Export Maternal Index

Top 10% Northern Maternal Index

Top 15% Domestic Maternal Index



LOT 13 Futurity LoyalLOT 13 - Futurity Loyal L179

We really admire this this young sire for his thin skin and short hair type combined with low birth, high growth and a very attractive phenotype. Loyal is from a cow that produced our top priced bull in 2011 Futurity EU Bull and a Jackpot winning female at the All Breeds Heifer show.

Top 20% Domestic Maternal Index




LOT 14 Futurity Dean LucasLOT 14 - Futurity Dean Lucas L235

If you are looking to lift growth, carcase quality and yield to your herd this bull is for you. Dean Lucas is super thick, deep, free moving and is the last natural calf from a cow that has breed the house down for us. Note the growth and carcase data on this guy.

Top 15% Export Maternal and Northern Maternal Indexes

Top 20% Domestic Maternal Index




LOT 15 Futurity Long John SilverLOT 15 - Futurity Long John Silver L234

Probably the easiest finishing and doing bull of the draft. We are confident this young sire will leave excellent lines of easy care females that are very productive. Long John Silver has great maternal and meat quality data and should be suitable for use on heifers. Semen collected for in herd use, no further call on the bull.

Top 20% Domestic and Northern Maternal Indexes

Top 25% Export Maternal Index




LOT 16 Futurity LazarusLOT 16 - Futurity Lazarus L159

Terrific carcase shape and maturity pattern on this bull. Outstand performance data on this young sire across all traits.

Top 5% All Breed Indexes





LOT 17 Futurity LuckymanLOT 17 - Futurity Luckyman L244

This young sire is real powerhouse and will add growth and carcase yield to most herds.

Top 10% 400 and 600 day growth

Above breed Average for Export and northern Maternal Indexes




LOT 18 Futurity LesterLOT 18 - Futurity Lester L194

Lester has been a standout since weaning, he has tremendous growth, softness and a very eye appealing phenotype.

Top 10% 400 and 600 day growth, Fat and IMF





LOT 20 Futurity LotusLOT 20 - Futurity Lotus L204

Great outlook, depth of body and thickness to this young sire. Lotus has a great balance of low birth high growth, calving ease and carcase yield.

Top 10% Export Maternal Index

Top 15% Domestic and Northern Maternal Indexes





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